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Great game! Played this game a while back. We really enjoyed it and felt like it was unique due to the voice recognition. Keep up the amazing work!

P.S. Sorry if we butchered the name in the video lol. 

I really liked your game. I got scared so many times lol. Having to use your voice is also cool, this was the first time I've played a game like that. 

So I got stuck after receiving the 3rd gem and I don't know if it's because the game is unfinished but overall it was awesome and unique!! :D

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This game is the most interesting I've played so far on a horror game. The use of the microphone makes you feel immersed through out the game. I hope there are more games like this in the future. I'm really digging the use of the microphone. 

Although it's glitchy at time, but its just a minor problem for me.

The only thing I can complain about is, the performance of the game.

Hi, this game has amazing potential, it has one of the best voice recognition mechanics that i have seen yet, i always tried to do something similar but could never find a way of making speech recognition work on Unity, did you guys made it from scratch or is it a plugin?

And i would love to see more of this game, since most games only use voice recognition more as a gimmick instead of a main mechanic.


This was really good, I loved ever part of this game!

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Very nice work, very good game, I really enjoyed playing it . Congrats to the devs. Here is my version .

i was so excited to play this game, everythinmg looked soo awesome! but unfortunately, it didnt get past the page that was all black after I would hit play. the game looks amazing though!


Finally a game that recognises my accent :) nicely done bud 

I loved the atmosphere. I was absolutely terrified and no horror game has done that lately. I love the spell mechanic. I haven't ran into a game that uses your voice. I did run into an instance of the game breaking right away. It's in the my video. 


I just wanted to make this thumbnail when I saw the title of this game.  Then I played it and it was really cool.  I love the spells mechanics, the atmosphere is great, and the monster/witch thing is very creepy.  Thanks for making such an awesome game!  

A little janky, but I had fun! Nice to see something different! 


I have an Audio Technica ATR 2500 and it's not picking up the mic? How come?

I found that the commands weren't always accepted, but I still had a lot of fun with this. It would be nice if there were options for non-mic users.

Its not picking up my mic for some reason?


This game had me on edge the whole time 

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OMG! THIS GAME WAS AWESOME!! Just the fact that you can use your voice for spells...Mang...It was beautiful. I had so much fun! Made part one and 2 video. I'l have part 2 ready tomorrow. < 3


Part 2 <3 


Played this as a random indie horror and had WAY too much fun with the voice commands. Wish there was more though lol. Next game, i'm hoping for full on voice command support haha. Great job guys! Keep it up. If you're looking for good honest feedback, i give just that in my video!


hi, big thx for the game. very spooky. greetings from germany

Greetings Rostiger! Thanks for playing!


This game was honestly amazing. I am still very impressed, amazing job indeed. Here's my gameplay:


Wanna start off by saying I loved the gameplay. It really helped to get me into the feel of the game. I did a video on it, I hope you enjoy it!

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I always love voice command games. This one's voice comm system is really good. I feel like there's some missed opportunity in backstory every time you set a gem in the pentagram. But that's just me.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

We would have liked to add more backstory, but we were running out of time. Glad you found the voice system good! Thanks for playing!


Gave it a go...


Hahaha, that was amazing. Thanks a lot for playing Albedo!


Loved The spells and how this game worked ! Honestly seems like if fleshed out could be something youd see in future triple A titles!

Overall awesome job! I really enjoyed it! Great quality for an game!

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Aside from mistaking "Luxo" for "Lexa" during the whole game, your walkthrough was awesome! We loved your video and found it super entertaining. Keep strong with that channel and thanks a lot for playing Albedo!

Yeah I really got the idea it was Lexa for zero reason lol  and thanks so much!


This is the best game that I ever played! I really enjoy this game so much and even want to stop playing it because it is so scary! I hope you enjoy my video! 

We loved your video, great work! Thanks for playing Albedo <3


This game is one of the best  horror games i have ever played 

i hope you enjoy my gameplay

We certainly enjoyed your gameplay! Thanks for playing Albedo!


I like this horror game its really good 100/100

Lmao. Video was super entertaining hahaha. Keep working on your wizard skills, you've got hidden talent!


So I played your game and i was going to upload it but my mic was muted the entire time so i need to replay it but be for i do can you tell me what to do? 

I fond two or three gems but cant find the other ones or the next key to unlock the door and there is a red light that if you walk through it you die so can you please reply back here or email me @ to tell me what i did wrong or if I missed anything!!

but besides that the game is good I love everything about it just some minor things you need to fix but good and please tell me what to do next!

Thank you!

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Hello Landon! To know the combination for the padlock you need to find 3 notes scattered around the house. 

One of them is on the 2nd floor and is quite easy to miss!

Thanks for playing and we're happy that you're liking it so far!


Excellent work on this game the fact your able to use your voice is different and it is very creepy, it had one our two hard bits in but overall very good game. Well Done.


Incredible Job dev this game scares the Sh*t out of me at some points :) I like the Microphone Feature you include in this game..All in all this game is one of the best horror game :) I completed the game here is my Gameplay down below 1080 60fps...I fooled the witch and she never came back again for me and I completed this game easily :D Rated 5/5.

Awesome! You're likely the fastest person we've had beat Albedo! We're super happy you liked it!


I was so scared to stay at one place. :)


Checking out your game now! You can find it here

Once I upload it! thanks for making this :)